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I would like to commend Teacher Reina for her patience and dedication showered on my daughter when she was attending her ballet classes. Her constant encouragement and guidance to my daughter has transformed her into a more confident person and dancer. As a result of her renewed confidence, she has improved in her dance techniques and performance skills.

She also constantly encourages her pupils to go for extra enrichment dance programmes and auditions for performances during the school holidays for further exposure.

A dedicated and patient teacher like Teacher Reina is hard to come by and my daughter is indeed fortunate to be taught by her.

An Anonymous Parent

My little girl goes there and she loved it so much! Coach Reina really put in her heart and soul into grooming each of her student to their fullest potential and she is extremely hard on observing safety first for her students, which is really important to me.

I really enjoy going to the sessions to watch my little one grow and blossom, getting stronger with each session. And what I love most about this studio, is the community that the coach has built. All the older and more experienced students will always be there to help the younger and new students, making them feel welcome and part of their community.

Very well done, keep doing what you are doing!

Stephanie Yip, 10 Jul 2019

I brought my daughters Sarah Sim and Guinevere Sim for a trial lesson on Tuesday 6th June. They had their lesson with Coach Reina and may I say, it
was such a great lesson! I like how Reina is stern yet approachable. She laid out clear boundaries and instructions for the children and guided them with care. My youngest Daughter, Guinevere, has always been doing balancing at home. She will come out with ways to do balancing on furnitures and can go on for upto 45mins - 1 hour since she was less than 2 years old. Lately Guin showed signs of having lower self confidence, maybe because her older Sister and Brother are both overshadowing her and always out performing her. I tried exposing her to ballet, Swimming, music but none of these interests her. Neither do they allow her to build her confidence. I firmly believe that sports is the way to go for one to build confidence and discipline. I myself was a national player years ago and I understand the benefit of having sports in our lives, so I didn't give up on finding a sports that Guin will truly enjoy and benefit. And this is why I'm emailing you now. I saw how much Guin enjoyed the class and gained so much confidence from the praises from Reina. The praises really made Guin realise that she is capable of, and it is all her. Thank you for the enjoyable session. I look forward to more sessions that will help Guin optimise her potential and most importantly allow her to enjoy and have fun. Please help me thank Coach Reina. She truly is a professional, nurturing and supportive coach.

Bee Kiean, 10 Jun 2017

I am a student of Ms Lee and she is a very capable teacher who has great experience. Not only does she constantly encourage me to do my best, but also stresses the importance of trying. It is made clear to us students that it is of utmost importance that no matter what we do, we have to give it our all. She is quick to correct my mistakes I make in class and makes a great effort in helping me to understand where I have gone wrong and what needs to be worked on. This ensures that I am left with clear instructions as to what I need to improve on in future. Furthermore, she has helped me push my boundaries and has helped me improve by leaps and bounds. I feel that Ms Lee's teaching methods have greatly benefited me and I enjoy my lessons with her.

Yu Rou

We would like to make a special mention to the RAD instructor of my daughter, Charlotte Goh.

Ms Reina Lee is a passionate ballerina who is eager and patient to coach the little ones in the dance. Since she has taken over coaching the RAD lessons, Charlotte has shown immense interest in ballet. Together with several senior ballet students, Ms Lee has been very motivational towards Charlotte's learning journey, also exposing her to the dance as a performing art, during a field trip to a ballet showcase @ The Esplanade. More importantly to us, we are grateful to Ms Lee for instilling a better sense of discipline, poise and good posture for Charlotte.

Charlotte now looks forward to kickstart her weekend with Ms Lee at ballet lessons every Saturday.

Jacqueline Goh, 14 Dec 2012

Miss Reina is an experienced teacher who always encourages her students and finds ways to ensure that her students enjoyed her classes every time. I have been in her class since late 2010 and I find that, off all the classes I am in currently, I enjoy her classes the most.

While attending her weekend classes, I find that Miss Reina is very attentive to what her students' strength and weaknesses are. Whenever her students perform well in a particular exercise, she would praise them individually and encourage them to do better the next time. When a student does an exercise routine in the wrong way, she would gently correct her and remind her constantly not to repeat the same mistake again. She would make sure that we leave her classes with a clear understanding of what she has taught us. She would even teach them exercises to improve their turnouts of core muscles. Because of the extra exercises that she has taught us, I have improved tremendously in my flexibility and strength.

I find Miss Reina to be very patient and encouraging. Because of her constant encouragement, I am now a trainee teacher with RAD. Without her encouragement, I think I would still be feeling lost. I would not have known where I should go or do to further my advancement towards my dream of becoming a professional ballet teacher. Without her encouragement and help, I would not have been able to start to come out on my own to become a ballet teacher. I definitely owe my huge improvement and great advancement towards my personal goal to become a ballet teacher to her.

Charis Seah, 6 Dec 2012

I would like to commend my ballet teacher, Ms Reina for her high level of commitment and professionalism in coaching her students including myself during her ballet classes. She is a very patient and highly encouraging mentor who is able to motivate her students and bring out the best. Under her tutelage, I have become more confident and achieved distinction for my ballet examination. She has a unique way of coaching her students which is very different from my previous teachers. She always teaches beyond the syllabus to expose us to the professional level. Even when you make a mistake, she will never put you down but will always encourage you to try again and do better. She will always source for opportunities for us to perform and shine. I haven't been with her for three years and I have benefited greatly from her tutelage. I enjoyed her lessons thoroughly and would always look forward to the next class. It is truly a blessing to have a teacher like her!

Cheryl Lin, 6 Dec 2011

My daughters have been attending Miss Reina Lee's ballet class for about 2 years. She is very dedicated in teaching which is reflected in her patience and seriousness in class. She does not rush through her lessons and often extends the duration of the lesson at her own time without additional remuneration. HEr inspiration is demonstrated in the way she teaches her students. She is very serious in class and repeats steps patiently when the students do not do it correctly. She follows the syllabus strictly and always tries to impart as much skills and techniques as she could during the short weekly lessons. That could be seen in the apparent improvement in her students. Unlike many teachers, Reina often encourages her students to gain greater insight in ballet by arranging enrichment courses and workshops for them. While outside the scope of her job as a ballet teacher, she arranged social outing such as visiting to the zoo or swimming at her own time. Other parents also find that their daughters in Reina/s class have been having wonderful times and the children like her very much. I am very glad that my daughters have met with a teacher like Reina and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who has an interest in learning ballet.

Sandy Wong, 7 May 2011

This is to express out thanks on your professional and caring attitude towards our little girl, Tan Min May, while she is learning ballet under your charge.

Min May enjoys your ballet classes very much and this is the reason why she insisted on continuing her classes with you. I have the pleasure to sit-in in one of your classes and I am impressed with the rapport you have with all your children and the professionalism you displayed whether you are with the children or with the parents. You are always on time and I am glad that my daughter has a good role model to follow.

Please continue with your good work and we wish you all the best for your career.

Mr Tan Kah Ooi & Mdm Chiah Soo Ting, 5 May 2011

My daughter, Oh Ethel Renee has studied ballet under Ms Reina Lee since 2009. Ethel is 6 years old this February and received Honours (Pre-Ballet) in the Pre-Grades Classical Syllabus in November 2010.

Ms Lee has been an exemplary teacher and has taught both responsibly and professionally to her young charges. Indeed it is to her credit that Ethel has such a strong sense of love in the ballet dance.

I am duly impressed by Ms Lee's professionalism and her deep sense of commitment shown. She is undoubtedly a teacher of the highest grade.

Mrs Rena Oh, Dec 2010

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