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    Academy and Workshop


Striving to IMPROVE, GROOM and INSPIRE many, and nurturing tomorrow’s Stars, STARDOM Academy uniquely combines the experienced professionals, with structured training programme.

Across acting, hosting, director training, makeup, and even corporate presentation courses, the students are encouraged to explore into their passions and a call in Entertainment industry.

To nurture, develop new talents towards their Passion of professional skills for entertainment industry.

Our classes are conducted by:
• Corporate Workshop - Leadership Training, Mastery Course, Self Enrichment course
• Acting Course - Experienced freelance MediaCorp Director, Director Lim Koong Hwee
• Singing Course – Experienced vocal teacher, Dr Ken Chang 张泛博士
• Hosting Course – Experienced public speaker training course
• Film Director course – Experienced director for film direction and concept
• Personal Grooming course and Social etiquette
• Photography Workshop – Senior photographers with numerous experienced for Landscape / human portrait

STARDOM Workshop
• Body Workshop – Experienced gym instructors, Exercise classes
• Team Building Workshop – Yoga, Bakery and many more
• Dancing Workshop – Salsa, Ballroom Dance, Belly dance, and many more

Why STARDOM Academy and Workshop
Our classes are conducted by well-established and experienced professionals from entertainment industry, to cater for ALL industry needs. To provide our students with firsthand insight for the demand of this fast paced entertainment industry.
• To provide the learning platforms for all enthusiasts, to build a strong foundation rooted in their passion techniques.
• We believe that every talent should never hinder by any age or race, as our Tagline - LIVE YOUR DREAMS, pursuit the actions in your passion, for this entertainment industry.

For more information, details or registration, please call +65 8139 8895 or drop us an email at academy@stardom.sg