1. Lessons
1.1 - How long is 1 term?
1 Term is conducted over 8 weeks (approximately 2 months).
1.2 - When does each term begin?
Our terms run on a bi-monthly basis, as follows:
Term 1 January to February
Term 2 March to April
Term 3 May to June
Term 4 July to August
Term 5 September to October
Term 6 November to December
1.3 - Is there a registration fee / deposit?
Yes, there is a registration fee. There is also a deposit, should the student withdraws from the term after enrolment and payment has been completed. An advanced notification in writing of one full Term must be provided to Stardom Academy for the refund to be made. All payments of Term Fees made are non-refundable upon commencement of the Term.
1.4 - How many students are there in a class?
8 to 12 students in a class. Students are grouped into classes according to ability.
1.5 - Is there a designated term break (eg: Christmas Holidays)?
There is no designated term break. However, should there be 5 weeks within a standard calendar month, the 5th week of that month shall be designated as a break. Please refer to the following for an illustrated example:
1.6 - Why is there no designated term break?
Events and Competitions are continuously occurring at any given time, and ensuring that each and every child have a safe and conducive environment to prepare themselves and be ready to display their full potential is our utmost priority. We endure to remain in operation whenever feasible so that our students will always be ready.
2. Trial Lessons
2.1 - Can I attend a trial lesson before enrolling for the term?
Yes, we allow inspiring students to attend a trial lesson and experience for themselves the personalised training that our dedicated coaches here at Stardom Academy provides.
2.2 - How much does trial lesson cost?
The fee for trial will correspond to a single-class session fee.
2.3 - What if I cannot decide if they want to enrol for the term after 1 trial lesson/wants to try out a few more lessons? A: In such cases, the child can continue to attend lessons on a
In such cases, the child can continue to attend lessons on a single-class basis lesson. (Subjected to class availability.)
2.4 - If I decide to enrol for the term after attending a trial lesson, what is the outstanding balance for the lesson fee of the rest of the term?
The outstanding lesson fee will be pro-rated accordingly to the remaining number of lessons in the current term and deposit.
3. Others
3.1 - What do I wear to class?
We strongly encourage boys to wear a t-shirt and shorts ; girls to wear leotard and booty shorts. Adults may wear comfortable gym attire.
3.2 - I’m interested in trying out the lessons, but I am hesitant/nervous as I do not have any prior experience/feel self-conscious?
Stardom Academy prioritises the cultivation of a conducive and supportive environment for  all students regardless of their experiences, skill level or any other factors that may make an aspiring student feel hesitant in giving themselves a chance to discover their hidden talent or reach their fullest potential. We encourage all our students to focus on their own learning, to not judge others based on their age, appearance or ability, as we have all been beginners at some point of time. We do not tolerate bullying or abuse in any form at Stardom.
3.3 - Why are the lesson fees much higher than other schools offering the same type of lessons?
Here at Stardom Academy, our coaches have a relentless pursuit of perfection and excellence in the performance of our students. This translates to our coaches paying keen attention to even the finest details of your child’s development and execution of their performances , both during their lessons and competitions. What our students have accomplished at competitions thus far is a clear testament of the dedication that our coaches have in ensuring that each and every student develops their skills to their fullest potential by providing personalised and tailored training, unique to meeting the needs for each individual student, based on their individual abilities.